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Once again ol' Uncle Alice didn't dissapoint last night!The Coop,with a stripped down show rocked the Joint,pulling out some old classics I have never heard live before such as "Long Way To Go"&"Public Animal #9"!Of course there were the standards-"Eighteen","School's Out" & others but the highlight for me was the just incredible energy & musicianship of "Halo Of Flies"with Alice conducting the band like a madman!I just fuckin' love that song so freekin' much!!He had the old style make-up design from his early dayz,pulled out the snake for "Welcome To My Nightmare" and a stuffed female doll that he tossed around for "Cold Ethyl".His daughter,dressed like a bloody messed up nurse danced it up for "Only Women Bleed"and he even whipped out a new ditty from his forthcoming cd "The Eyes Of Alice Cooper"called "Man Of The Year"that had quite a Ramones feel to it.Can't wait for the new stuff!!
He had the crowd in the palm of his handz and made everyone forget the atrocity that opened for him-the beef jerky himself Ted Nugent.Sheesh,he's turned into such a joke.Spoutin' constantly about his American selfishness it just becomes an hour of Ted self indulgence.Now I'm proud to be an American as much as Teddy is but inciting prejudice n' hate just doesn't make fun entertainment for me.Course it was all pretty funny in that Spinal Tap way-Ted,dressed in his camoflage with a stage set up like a war hole complete with sandbagz n' wire fencing became even more funny when after the show the roadies picked up the fake sandbagz with ease(obviously made of of styrofoam).Ted brandished his machine gun,ranted constantly about barbeques,hunting and pulling out a bow n' arrow so he could shoot a cardboard cutout of Saddam in the heart,he pandered to the lowest common denominator of the crowd-brutish behavior and such.
Not to say I completely disagree with his stand but did every song have to be about killin' n' grillin'?Rockitqeen,Ryan,Terry & I expected Ted to toss out beef jerky sticks to the crowd the way Stryper use ta toss out bibles,which all endz up being the same messege-shove our messege down the throats of the disbelivers.Hell,if I wanted to experience that I'd just go to an N.R.A. rally.
Ted's messege only made Alice's show all the more better.Alice has alwayz had a much better take on thingz,mixed with irony,humor n' his own twisted brand of stageshow.He's alwayz had a knack for capturing the confusion n' disenfranchized collective of the American life.He sang "Lost In America"and made more sense with youth of America than Ted doez with his atrochious anti-Dixie Chicks song "Kiss My Ass".
Still,as much as Ted makes a fool out of himself I still gotta say that "Stranglehold"was awesome,maybe cuz it's a song where he shuts his mouth and let's that wonderful guitar solo speak for him.
Alice's band consists of some of the best musicians out there including Eric Dover(who's left testicle crept out of his fishnet pants to the amusement of some drunken oaf in front of us),Eric Singer(perhaps THE Best Drummer Out There!!)and of course the Glamnation Sensation Ryan Roxie on lead-one of my fave geetarists of all time!
By the end of the night my throat was raw from singing along to every Coop toon.My mind was bludgeoned by the master of shock rock and no one can still touch the guy.He's still America's Greatest Nightmare!!
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