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Alice concert last night at the Michigan State Fair

I've seen Alice four or five times now, and I was actually kinda disappointed in the show.  He didn't sing a lot of stuff I'd like to hear, he mostly stuck to old standbys and stuff off the new CD, which I don't have.  He brought the snake out for a couple songs, he sang Cold Ethyl with the blowup doll (You know, the -music- to Cold Ethyl really kicks ass, but I hate that song.  It's just icky.  Drives me nuts.  I want an instrumental version of it.  :P)

He didn't sing Welcome To My Nightmare, which bummed out Britt, and I was giggling because during "Be My Lover" when the chorus goes "She said, If you want to be my lover, you gotta take me home" he added in "And buy me a RING, son!"  I said to the girl next to me "Can you tell his daughters are getting older?"  I believe he's got one that's  probably in her early 20's and one that's not much older than Britt.  So we giggled at that.  We stuck around for two of the three songs of the encore, but it was another one off the new CD so we gave up at that point and left.

It was free, and it's good to see him doing some nice stuff for his hometown, but it really seemed like he wasn't very into it.  It was only a 1.5 hour set, due to being at the Fair, but there was probably a good 20 minute drum solo/instrumental in the middle of it, so it really seemed like he didn't do a whole lot.  I adore Alice, and I'm sure as he gets older doing a full set is getting harder and harder on him, but it was kinda disappointing.

Still really glad I went  There were tons of people there, and even the people who I could tell it wasn't their sort of music and only went because it was free seemed to be having a good time.
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