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Alice Cooper, Brisbane Australia 28 June 2005

Thought I would breathe some life into this community, with a quick review (also posted in dragontown ) of the show last night.

lice Last night was amazing! Arrived early with my big brother Laurie. Milling around outside the venue there was a diverse array of fans. From the older types, right through to teenagers. Some even dressed up in Alice face makeup which was pretty avid!

Got my camera in no problems (took hundreds of photos and will upload the better ones to my website sometime soon). And the seats were awesome!! SOOO close to the stage!

Billy Thorpe started the night off with a good mix of brand new, and old songs. Got the crowd singing along to "Most People I Know". The sound was awesome (my ears are still ringing).

But Alice?

Was absolutely awesome! My brother and I thought Billy was loud, but after Billy left the stage the roadies lifted the drapes over the stage set to reveal another two massive stacks of Marshall Amps!

The show had it all - dancing, beheading, blood-letting, straight-jacket escaping.

And the song selection was amazing!! LOTS of old stuff (only women bleed, i'm 18, schools out, go to hell, no more mr nice guy, I never cry, welcome to my nightmare, I love the dead, department of youth) a couple of brand new songs off the soon to be released Dirty Diamonds, and some other newer tracks including Feed My Frankestein, Gimme and Lost In America. The band was fantastic! Lead guitar Ryan Roxy and drummer Eric Singer were insane. Eric did a drum solo, that was actually ENJOYABLE to listen to!! Normally for me drum-solo=tap-feet-impatiently-waiting-for-it-to-end, but this one I didn't WANT to end!!

Show went for almost 2 hours and I loved every minute of it.

An absolute highlight for me though, was when he played 'our song', POISON, as an encore. *LOVED*

Many more pictures can be found here. But here is a teaser.


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